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Popular Japanese car brands include Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi.
It manufactured the first Japanese luxury car, the Legend in 1985. Other Honda car models include:
    Honda CR-V - compact crossover SUV manufactured since 1996
According to consumer reports, Japan cars still dominate the automotive industry. Consumers prefer Japan cars because of the reliability, performance and style. The count of Japan car owners is ticking every second. The Mitsubishi L200 is a unique Japan truck (compact pickup truck). Toyota - Reflecting Japanese Culture
The aerodynamics of the Japan made Toyota cars is the noticeable feature. Toyota cars reflect the simplicity and emphasize the fashionable design of classic styled Japanese culture. Honda - Best cars from the world's largest Engine manufacturer
Honda jumped into the automobile industry by manufacturing motorbikes. Buying used Japan cars is beneficial in many ways. Buying used Japan cars from a Japan car exporter is the wisest move that anyone can make. There are many websites who list the Japan car exporters online. The Japan auto industry is continually growing due to the number of people that choose to import cars from this country. The Japan auto industry makes it easier for people to import cars from their country due to their costs. New vehicle, first registration - 2,500
VRT Rate Minimum VRT
14% - 280
16% - 320
20% - 400
24% - 480
28% - 560
32% - 640
36% - 720
The Japan auto industry also imports vehicles to the United States and Ireland. Most people use auctions as a way to find genuine Japanese vehicles within the Japan auto industry.
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